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MGT 111 assignment solution

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MGT 111 assignment solution

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MGT111 Assignment No.1 2020

Dear Students you have to make your assignment by yourself because everyone cannot make the same assignment kindly something could be change. Otherwise will be marked zero so please be careful.
According to above scenario,
Departmentalization by product is suitable for Mr.Nadeem because he has expertise in shoe making and intends to start a local shoe producing company. Some times company may be producing more than one product or services but wants to employ more workers to produce more.
For Example:
Product Departmentalization. Its structure is based on its varied product lines which include women’s footwear etc.

Departmentalization by Enterprise Function is suitable for Mr. Sajjad because this form of departmentation is to group the activities being performed along the line of functions of the organization. Mr Sajjad has huge capital and intends to set up a new large size electronics company.
Since every enterprises aims at creating or producing something that is desirable by others the basic enterprise functions are engineering, accounts and sales etc.
For Example:
Production, Budgeting, Selling, Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Accounts, Sales etc.
Departmentalization by Geography is suitable for Mr. Sajjad because he has past links and wide network as well resources in different regions. He wants to improve coordination within the geographical unit because all functional departments operate at the geographic region and better face to face communication to its customer working in different regions across the country.
For Example:
The divisions establish themselves in the geographical area they serve, creating regional, national or international operations. Grouping activities on the basis of territory. If an organization’s customers are geographically dispersed, it can group jobs based on geography.

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