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MGT 602 assignment solution

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MGT 602 assignment solution

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MGT602 assignments iDEA SOL Spring 2020
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MGT602 Assignment No.1 2020

Dear Students you have to make your assignment by yourself because everyone cannot make the same assignment kindly something could be change. Otherwise will be marked zero so please be careful.

Question No.

What is the type of startup you will tag to Mr.Zubair’s online business?


High-Potential Firm/Gazelle

Question No.2

What are the logics to select the startup type in the first question?


1. As he wants to be innovative, here he adopted “High-Potential Venture’’ way to start-up his business.
2. He wants to do something innovative and dynamic.
3. He has the knowledge about the concepts of innovation, startups and E-commerce etc.
4. Information about E-commerce will help him to run/grow his online business.
5. Due to COVID-19 lockdown, people are stuck at their homes, online selling business is the need of present situations.
6. As online business is the need of present time, it will grow more rapidly and there are chances to become small business to a larger one in future.
7. No deep research is required.
8. No too much investment is required.
9. He has he relevant degree and experience because he has been the part of sales team in multinational firm in past and also has degree in MBIT.
10. This type of startup of business is most important for the economic development of and area.

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