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How to write Introduction of Design Document For Vu Final Project CS619 Help

How to Create Phase Two Assignment of CS619 Virtual University Of Pakistan Complete Help Including Sample Document.
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How to write Introduction of Design Document For Vu Final Project CS619 Help

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The Design Phase seeks to develop detailed specifications that emphasize the physical solution to the user's information technology needs. The system requirements and logical description of the entities, relationships, and attributes of the data that were documented during the Requirements Analysis Phase are further refined and allocated into system and database design specifications that are organized in a way suitable for implementation within the constraints of a physical environment (e.g., computer, database, facilities).
A formal review of the high-level architectural design is conducted prior to detailed design of the automated system/application to achieve confidence that the design satisfies the system requirements, is in conformance with the enterprise architecture and prescribed design standards, to raise and resolve any critical technical and/or project-related issues, and to identify and mitigate project, technical, security, and/or business risks affecting continued detailed design and subsequent lifecycle activities. During the Design Phase, the initial strategy for any necessary training is also begun. Estimates of project expenses are updated to reflect actual costs and estimates for future phases. In addition, the work planned for future phases is redefined, if necessary, based on information acquired during the Design Phase.
You Can Add This Introduction In Your Document .

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