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List of New Projects

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List of New Projects

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Intended Readers: All students who are eligible to take a new project in CS619 course in Fall 2020 semester.
 Dear Students,
Check the following details carefully and do as directed:

1) List of New Projects
 Click Here to download the combined list of projects in a single file (PDF Format).
 This file contains all project titles and details about each project supervisor. You are required to read this file carefully to make up your mind about the project titles you are interested in. Check FAQs announcements carefully as it already explains project selection and other important aspects of the project.
 NOTE: If you see project titles on VULMS, other than in the above mentioned file, they must be older projects and you cannot get them. Even if you select such a project, you will be removed from it later and then you will be responsible for any issues in your project. So make sure you follow CS619 announcements properly.
 2) Opening of Project Selection
 All project titles mentioned in the above file will be opened for selection on 9th November 2020 and last date for selection will be 16th November 2020. So make sure you follow CS619 announcements carefully and do as directed. Check this guide to know how to select project and form group from VULMS (just check it for your information as the actual selection of projects will be opened on the above mentioned date). So to form group, you can do it after 16th November 2020.
 A new feature is also added in project selection interface: ''''Leave Project'''' button will be shown against your selected project so that a student can leave currently selected project, and select another project if needed, but only within due date, after the due date, no change will be allowed. Also make sure you use a Laptop or PC when you make project selection, as some times the project Selection interface does not display the page fully on a mobile device screen. And students cannot find project selection button or any other important information. For any query related to a specific project, you can contact relevant project supervisor.
 NOTE: Check every announcement of CS619 and read it 2 or 3 times to get a better understanding of every thing.

Important Note for Old Students in Project: Old students who wish to continue same project, should not select any new project and contact their project supervisor after 13 Nov 2020, to transfer project record. Also students who took a new project in Spring 2020 will not be allowed to select a new project in Fall 2020. Even if some student selects it, still it will be discarded later, and such student will be responsible for any issues in the project.

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