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Artificial Intelligence for All - Registrations are Open complete detail

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Artificial Intelligence for All - Registrations are Open complete detail

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Dear Student,
Virtual University of Pakistan is pleased to announce a new course titled "Artificial Intelligence for All".  Participation certificate of this short course is free of cost. It is an open opportunity for both IT and Non-IT professionals to get acquainted with the basics of AI. The idea is to remove the fear-factor of AI among the general audience. To know more about various artificial intelligence techniques such as Trends, Technologies and tools for AI, AI in Business, Society and Industry, Problem Solving and Search Strategies, Knowledge-Based Systems, Expert System, Fuzzy logic, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Machine Learning Neural Networks, Case Study (Implementation with MATLAB), & Advanced Topics ( Deep Learning, IoT and AI, Big Data Overview with IoT and AI, Blockchain) join now:
Registrations are Open, please visit https://www.vu.edu.pk/apply/
Completing this course will earn you:
•        A FREE VU Course Participation Certificate
•        A VU Course Completion Certificate *
•        AI concept building with Real-life examples
Eligibility Criteria:
•        Intermediate or equivalent
Classes Starting Date:
•        December 21, 2020
For more information, please write to: mimran@vu.edu.pk
* Terms & Conditions Apply

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